The worst forex situations. How to avoid them?

      Working on the Forex market can be classified as a very difficult activity. This article contains the list of the most disadvantageous situations that traders should avoid. Any of these situations can play a deplorable role, first of all it concerns financial goals.
      So, let's begin. When choosing a broker one should be aware of the risks as not all the companies are reliable and many of them play against their own clients. It is especially true for the binary options brokers, who advertise their services so aggressively lately.
      You cannot trade an amount of money that you cannot afford to lose. When people start trading with vital money, they have risk and fear, so the result of the trade turns out to be a losing one due to psychological stress. In general, only trade with an amount that you will not face serious financial problems if you lose it.
      You should not take Forex for a roulette, there is no place for gambling. First, you must learn the theory and consolidate your knowledge in practice. After all, a successful trader should always be confident in any deal, and not trade at random, as many traders do. Of course, even professionals make mistakes when trading on Forex. The most important thing is to take a calculated and competent risk.
      Very often many beginning traders are lucky and find themselves in a very profitable situation. It would seem that there is nothing bad in it. Even a favorable outcome can lead to serious problems for the trader. Profitable deals put players in a state of euphoria and they start dreaming about big profits they have not yet earned. The trader is in dreams and expectations, thus forgetting about trading. In the state of euphoria the beginning trader starts considering himself a professional. Therefore, he/she makes a lot of ill-considered decisions which have negative effect on the profit. Eventually the trader goes bankrupt.
      People who were successful in other spheres of activities face the same problem. Therefore, they are sure that they will never face such situations. Their self-confidence is a big problem for them. Also, such people do not admit their mistakes after failures, which is a gross mistake. It turns out that they do not learn from their mistakes, so they will make them again and again.

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