Is it possible to earn on the stock exchange $100 every day?

      You can't become a millionaire in the blink of an eye, so you have to set more realistic goals. Many traders would be happy making $100 every day. Is it possible to achieve such a result? Traders who practice scalping do achieve such results.
      But you have to take into account that you have to stand on the stock exchange field live. You will not have to pay for every entry into the market; you will only have to pay for a trading spot on the exchange. Dealing desks always have a commission fee. If you pay for each entry into the market a price equal to one or two ticks, then there is no point in guessing the next tick. Are you hoping to guess several ticks at a time? That's not a successful practice. Even the millionaires at the stock exchange decide one question: what is the next tick? And they bet hundreds to millions of dollars on it.
      The vast majority of traders position themselves as traders who hold open positions for days or even months at a time. This tactic is the most effective. But can it guarantee $100 per day? No! Why?
      Let's look at the trader's work using a concrete example. Gold fell to 1180 dollars per Troy ounce and the trader bought it. But the chart went down further. One day, the second day, gold falls in the price. What should you do in such a case? Take a loss? No, if you think that gold is cheap, you do not need to close the position. But 100 dollars a day is out of the question, if you stand on the rise in price, but it falls. The time will come and gold will go up to $1,100, and then it will become even more expensive. But no one knows when it will be.
      On Forex currency market the situation is similar. Euro-dollar pair is trading at $1.10 per Euro. What to expect in the future? It is possible that the chart will go down to $1.05 per Euro. But before a move lower, the chart could "bounce". And this jump may last for more than one day. Consequently, there will be no earnings during this time.
      In the oil market the price fell to $40 per barrel. Despite all the scaremongering, the trader can buy oil. But the chart will dive even lower to $39. Then to $38. Outlasting the fall is simply a necessity. One should not think that oil will be free or almost free. Such tales abound on the internet. But we should not expect cheap hydrocarbons. Therefore, a position in oil should not be closed. Earnings will have to wait, perhaps for a few weeks or even months, but it's better than taking a loss all the time.
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