Individual trading psychology

      Every trader has his own Forex strategy and his own vision of the market, but what unites successful traders is their common attitude to the process itself - to the psychology of trading.
      Every experienced trader understands that the market is an element and no one ever managed to master this element. An experienced trader enters the market to take what the market can give him at the moment, not to conquer all inexplicable phenomena and tear apart such a tempting environment of large funds and capitals.
      But sadly, almost all newcomers make the same mistake. They come on the market and try to crush and dominate this bulkhead, and as a result get a harsh rebuff in the form of lost deposits and frayed nerves.
      Then, after the wounds from losing money have healed, the newcomers from Forex try to take revenge again, believing that this time they will definitely tear the market apart and get hit in the forehead again and fly away to even greater distance. This can go on for a very long time, some very stubborn traders spend several years on these visits, losing one deposit after another.
      The market should be perceived as a cash cow, which can give you milk if it has it at the moment, and if it does not, you should not annoy this nice animal, because you can hoof it.
      You enter the market only to take what the market can give you at that moment, and no more. If the trading strategy algorithm does not show a potential deal, then you should not waste your time and nerves at this moment. You need to wait and get the necessary signal outside the market and enter it on the merits, instead of wandering around opening orders by "gut feeling", dreaming about the gold mountains at the same time.
      Take advantage of, but do not invent opportunities, and the positive deals in the tailwinds will not be long in coming. And before plunging into internet-trading with a serious amount of money you should hone your skills on a demo or cent account, so that making a profit becomes a habit, almost automatic, easy thing to do.

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