How to start trading on Forex?

      This article, first of all, will be useful for beginners on Forex market.
      Many beginners are asking the following questions: "How to start trading on Forex currency market, where to do it, first steps in trading" and other similar questions.
      The article is written as a step-by-step guide for such traders. And if a trader already has experience and skills in Forex trading, in which case they will not be interested, so there is no need to waste their time.
      Generally speaking, it is possible to start trading on the financial market after following just four steps. Let's consider all of them in details.
      Step one - select a broker Every beginner in the Forex market should start with the selection of a reliable and suitable broker. Reliability, honesty and stability will determine whether a trader will make a profit or a loss on his trades on the financial market. And it means whether he will be able to earn real money.
      The broker chosen by a beginner should have a license from any regulating and supervising body of brokerage organizations. If a brokerage company has such a license, then all practicing traders who work in this organization, accordingly, have guarantees about the safety of their money. An honest broker will never cheat its clients, delay payments of the earned money, create technical malfunctions at the trading platforms, cheat with the quotations.
      A reliable broker always puts his clients' interests first. It has a good and responsive technical support service, offers them favourable trading conditions, various bonuses, promotions and tournaments. But most importantly, it ensures safety of trader's and investor's deposit, safe deposit and withdrawal of funds, guarantees of their receipt.
      A really good broker does not only care about its own benefit, but also about making money for its clients. Free training for beginners as well as opportunity to trade on demo account without any risk of personal deposit money are provided for that purpose.
      Step Two - Training At this stage you need to learn all the terminology of trading, otherwise a beginner will simply not understand what it is all about. Understanding the market is a complicated process. Traders go through this process for years as the financial market is not standing in one place and it is constantly changing because the market conditions are changing. An advanced trader always keeps up with the market, he has a complete picture of all market changes.
      Any brokerage company offers on its website initial information, which is available to absolutely all newbies. For deeper study it is recommended to study video lessons, attend webinars.
      The third step - training and probation After a beginner has learnt the basics of Forex trading he/she has to do his/her traineeship. It is not necessary to start trading on a real account right away. Brokerage companies offer a demo account to all comers. It is a special, virtual account, where one can trade for virtual money without risking one's own deposited funds. Thus, financial risks are excluded during training.
      The final step is choosing a trading strategy All stages of learning and starting to trade on the financial market are very important. Profit or loss on deals will depend on the trading method the trader selects. In most cases any trading strategy is remodeled by the trader himself so to say "adjusted to his own needs" for better profitability. This is a normal working process.
      Only after a beginner gains stability on a training account he/she may move to the real market and trade using his/her own money.

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