How to start Forex trading?

      The main question for beginners is: how to start trading? In order to start earning money you have to study all the information on the system thoroughly. You have to find out what you want to achieve and what you are ready to do.
      To trade forex correctly, you should remember that you need to study trading materials and everything that might be related to the market in general. Books, courses, the Internet, etc. will help you with this. The knowledge you acquire will be the foundation for your further work.
      The basic rules that will help you succeed:
      1. Read the literature. Read up on the world's greatest traders;
      2. Select a broker to guarantee your performance and profit from it;
      3. Try out the demo wallet in order to understand the whole principle and the functionality of the system;
      4. Begin to work with real money gradually. In case of failure do not get upset. These are the laws of the market, and there is always a risk of loss;
      5. Always use all analytical tools to develop your system. This will help you make a profit;
      6. You have to work out your own strategy, and if you test it successfully, you have to stick to it;
      7. Always be in constant growth: you must not forget to study different types of information.
      So, what is Forex trading: is it a scam or real money-making?
      What is it? After all, is it a scam or a real tool for making money on the Internet? This question interests all those who wish to profit from work on the Internet. Rumors about the deception of this system have been circulating due to some negative feedback towards this platform. Some users claim that Forex has cheated them out of money, duped them and deprived them of their options to earn money.
      Such reviews may indeed be real, but it is worth clarifying one fact. Before they started, these users asked themselves what are they willing to do for profit? Were they prepared to take a loss? After all, this is the market, there is no guarantee that you will make a profit. Have they prepared themselves before starting their work? Have they studied the necessary materials, conducted analyses, etc.? Most likely, these users were not prepared to start this kind of work, which led to negative feedback later on.
      We are not saying that forex reviews should always follow only a positive trend. But it should not be viewed only from the negative side. There are many examples, and quite famous ones, who have received a decent amount of money while working on this exchange.
      The second reason for the negative side may be scammers. Such people are everywhere, not only on the Internet. Their main activity is making money on users and disappear in an unknown direction. You must learn to distinguish between offers of a profitable nature and offers that look like fraud. This way you will protect yourself and your wallet. We have already mentioned that the choice of a broker is an important stage. And it is worth to be very careful not to fall for fraudsters.
      The third reason for the negativity in the direction of the exchange may be the market system itself. It is worth remembering that the market is not a predictable phenomenon. No one can give you a complete guarantee of success. You need time to get used to its laws and adjust to them. This will help you in your future work and earnings. Beginners are not always happy with such an outcome and they are beginning to display some angry opinions about working in the Forex market.
      Only the already experienced user can understand the whole process of working with currency. And so we conclude that negative conclusions are spread only by those participants who are not ready to learn this field of activity. Most likely, they initially did not understand why they came to this system. There is also the factor that everyone wants to make a profit from the first minute, which actually does not happen in the market. It is worth working on yourself, among other things, to make a profit. But, unfortunately, this may not be clear to everyone.
      What do you need to do to get started?
      This is the main question before you start working on the exchange. Everyone is interested in it, and rightly so. In order to get started you have to do some steps:
      1. First think and determine exactly, whether you need it. You can always earn extra or basic income. But are you ready to improve every day to make such a profit?
      2. If your answer to the first question is yes, then it's worth moving on to study all the necessary material for future work. For this you will have to read a few books and take some tests.
      3. Choose the broker with whom you will be confident in receiving and preserving your income.
      4. To test the demo version in order to determine the system functions, and understand the principle of work. And also to understand what you can do.
      5. And finally, to start with a real account, with which you will be able to earn income. Do not forget about the rules of money management.
      Is it possible to make a profit?
      The main advantage of this system is that you can start earning here from scratch. It is available to both experienced and new traders. There are different promotions offered by brokers, which are aimed specifically at traders with zero balance. You need to follow the news feed and keep track of these offers. This will be a good start for you.
      How much money can I get here?
      This is a very topical question, but it's not easy to get an answer to it. When you work in the market, there are many factors that influence your profits. Some of them are:
      Your experience in the field; What has been your demonstration activity, has everything been learned, etc.; The course of your analysis on the realities of the markets; Readiness for different kinds of outcomes; Application of money management rules; Taking responsibility for your decisions. You should also add the following factors to your profit composition:
      1. The state of the market at the time of the operation;
      2. The size of the depository;
      3. The presence of a profit-seeking strategy.
      In the main, users say that it is possible to make up to twenty percent of the investment. In case of good performance, this amount sometimes goes up to 40% of the profit. People with a lot of experience in this field can be proud of their earnings of up to one hundred percent. But to start earning that kind of profit, you have to gain experience in the field, and you have to keep in mind constant development, which will be aimed at generating income.

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