How to reduce the risks of Forex trading?

      The desire to preserve and increase one's capital is inherent in almost every adult. Nowadays there are many ways to increase your income apart from the traditional salary. Some people open a deposit account or buy gold and currency from a bank, some people gather information about Forex trading, and some people look for extra ways - all of them are good and effective to a different extent.
      One of the popular types of additional, if not main, income is stock trading. Of course, it is associated with risk, but there is also a chance of making a lot of money in a short time. Probably the most famous in this segment of earnings is Forex market.
      This financial market is probably the easiest and the most understandable way to start. Many beginning traders trade here. Forex has worked out plenty of possibilities and auxiliary tools for beginners. The most obvious way to reduce risks on the exchange is to gain experience. You can try your hand, learn the basics of exchange trading in a demo account. Here one receives virtual money, which cannot be cashed out or withdrawn.
      As soon as a trader starts to feel confident working on a demo account, it is worth to try your skills in real trading. When starting to work with real money many traders are trying not to risk much. This fear is quite understandable and justified, nobody wants to get burned.
      There are several basic methods to reduce the probability of losing trades. First of all, capital losses must be controlled. The maximum allowable amount of investment should not exceed half of the total capital (50%), while experienced traders advise against risking more than one third of the total amount. Each position should be worth no more than ten percent.
      It is a good idea for a novice trader to use a handy strategy. The most popular ones allow better control over changes in the market situation. Many players resort to the help of robot-advisors. Automated systems do not experience emotions and fatigue and allow not to miss a chance and make a profitable deal.
      It is also worth remembering about the possibility of setting stop orders. They are also known as stop loss. This option fixes the price at which a position is closed in case the market goes the wrong way. It is important for a trader to know how to correctly assess their risks in a certain deal and analyze the market.
      One more variant of risk minimization is opening of several positions for different instruments. These are so called hedging strategies, which are used by big players of financial markets. They significantly reduce the possibility of profit, but even more insure against losses.
      Several options to reduce the risk must be applied at once. All of them can make trading on the exchange profitable. However, decision is always up to trader, unsuccessful deals happen even to the most experienced participants. The main thing is that they do not cause total loss of the deposit.

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