Forex Trading System. To buy or not to buy?

      Many traders, plunging into the Forex market, are trying to find some "grail" - the way of 100% profitable trading, but not many of them ask themselves a question: does such a system exist in nature?
      Third-party trading systems are bought, which bring their owners a good profit (as they say, of course), and ... almost immediately they discourage by their negative results, disappointing in a purchased masterpiece, which promised the golden mountain.
      But the system fails again, and everything starts all over again. After the first system, you buy a second, a third one, and so on to infinity. Probably, you also did it, but have you ever wondered why it happens? Why the Forex trading system, which promised to make you golden, and in a test mode, which showed good results, after its purchase, in the best case, just does not bring any income, and in the worst case - banally sinks the deposit?
      The answer is very simple: firstly, there is no system predicted to be a hundred percent successful.
      Secondly, a trader is an inseparable part of any trading system, and his success depends on his compatibility with the trading system. If his personality, character and mindset do not allow him to follow all the instructions provided by the trading system, then even using the most ingenious forex strategy he will suffer constant losses.
      Pros and cons of other people's trading systems
      Now, about the "Grail". Imagine that you have found some undiscovered secret, or just a small feature of the market that allows you to make millions on the markets. Would you sell that secret to others, for a hundred dollars? I don't think so. Much more natural for any of us, quietly earn by means of this discovery, and keep silent, rejoicing at such a turn of fate.
      It turns out that if the "Grail" does exist, you will get it only if you find it yourself.
      So, is it worth buying and studying other people's trading systems?
      Sure, you should! And here's why. To develop a Forex trading system from scratch, a trader needs a long time of searching, learning and mistakes. You can avoid this by taking someone else's ready-made system as a basis.
      In this case, you do not have to "re-invent the wheel" of trading. But if you use it directly, losses are guaranteed. This is less true for proprietary trading systems of proven developers, whose algorithms, fine-tuned over the years, require little adaptation, but are we often willing to pay for someone else's ideas?
      Most often, we try to make do with either free solutions, or something very, very inexpensive.
      How can we do it? Actually, it's very simple, but simple doesn't mean easy.
      I know a lot of people involved in trading. Everyone has their own system, their own principles, some people have better success in Forex trading, others have worse. But the thing is that when I was testing my colleagues' systems I was making losses only while they were trading and making real profit on real deposits. The same is true when someone I know takes my trading system as a basis. Why is it so? We are all different, we all cannot see the market and the world in the same way!
      That is, taking someone else's tactics as a guiding star for your own trading, alas, you will not get richer. But if you take someone else's experience as a basis, a framework, and adjust them to your own style of work, you can get an original and profitable trading system. Over time, after working with it and gaining the necessary experience, suddenly you start wondering how different the current trading style is from the original trading system, how it invisibly added to it some forex indicators, new rules, although its essence remains the same.
      The next thing to understand is that the simpler the system, the better.
      There is no need to complicate anything! No system can produce only profitable trades. The secret is not to keep losing trades for long, but to close them on time.
      For example, you put a buy order, and the price moved in the opposite direction, do not wait for the order to hit the stop, close the trade immediately! This will save you money, and leave you free to proceed further.
      Too often, we, by clinging to a losing order, lose time and opportunities to open good positions. You do not have to make money on every trade, but you must stop losses immediately!
      Even if you have half of the trades losing, you will be able to build up your deposit. Believe me, it's really true. Do not turn profitable trades into losing ones!
      If you have already made some profit and the price went in the other direction, take profit, do not let the market fool you. A bird in the hand is better! If you took a profit or a loss and the price corrected and moved in the direction you had chosen, do not feel sorry for the lost profit, and even less try to keep up with the market. It will also save you money! It's better to wait for another entry signal.
      The reasons of trader's failures are not so much in his trading system, as in his psychological readiness. Emotions and greed have ruined more than one generation of financial traders.

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