The forex trading platform

      The first electronic trading platforms emerged in the seventies of the twentieth century. They linked brokers and stock exchanges through private ad hoc networks using simple terminals.
      The term 'trading platform' is usually used to avoid confusion with 'trading system', which most commonly refers to a trading method or trading strategy rather than a computer system used to execute orders in financial transactions.
      Choosing a forex trading platform A modern trading platform should meet the requirements of convenience and functionality. The performance and power consumption of the processor are also very important. These parameters affect the speed of executing transactions and changing of quotes.
      By functionality we understand the number of traded financial assets, analytical tools, available timeframes and the set of different order types.
      Of course the functionality of the platform is important, but simpler platforms are also more popular. A trading platform is a means of accessing the market, and for beginners, the simpler the better. You should also pay attention to the availability of mobile versions and the possibility to install for different operating systems. Nowadays almost all brokers offer demo versions of forex trading platforms, so you can choose the one that suits you best.
      The most popular forex platforms On the post-Soviet space the most popular Forex trading platform is MetaTrader 4. Lately it has been spreading to the rest of the world. This product by MetaQuotes is characterized by perfect security system. The platform offers automated trading, programming options, immense analytical functionality and flexibility of settings complete its advantages. The new version of MetaTrader 5 is available in parallel with this platform, which is much better in performance, wider in functionality and provides access not only to Forex, but also to other markets.
      The Ninja Trader is considered a benchmark for currency trading abroad. Hundreds of brokerage companies use it. It allows to trade currencies, futures, options and stocks. Widely known is Viking Currenex, used by market makers and for ECN networks. Millions of traders trade through the cTrader platform, which was released in 2011 and is designed to run on the latest technology.
      ZuluTrade and Mirror Trader trading platforms have recently become popular in forex trading. Many brokers offer them as an additional or alternative means to invest in trades of successful traders from all over the world.
      All current popular forex trading platforms are constantly being improved and updated to keep up with the demands of progress.

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