Forex Exchange. Job or online casino?

      The Forex exchange, more precisely Forex currency pairs trading, attracts more and more compatriots, especially in conditions of financial crisis, when the question of additional sources of income becomes very topical.
      The mass of virtual money revolving in this market attracts thousands and thousands of new players, who think that it is easy, simple and fast to get a small piece of such a big chunk. Most of them, soon to be convinced of the futility of their own endeavors and having increased the total amount of money by their lost deposits, abandon the attempts to get rich quick. Some of them stay to try again and again to catch the ephemeral bird of luck by the tail.
      Naturally, the Forex market, orbiting huge financial sacks, has no idea about how many millions, if not billions of money units were deposited in its coffers by various private investors. Indifferently moving the quotes of currency pairs, the market is staggering in its enormity, turning any trader into a tiny grain of sand, on which nothing really depends.
      In vain some beginners try to guess on the basis of their intuition or a "super-secret" Forex strategy that the market will go in one direction or another, opening positions against the established trend, hoping to get into the first wagon of a new profitable train. Such trading looks more like gambling at a casino; there, as we know, only the owner of the place is a winner.
      Forex will pick its own direction and timing for the next global trend, absorbing the next batch of money of the next losers in passing. Like a boundless ocean, the currency market washes away, like a wave of sand, the money of frivolous traders. So, abandon hope, everyone who enters here?
      Of course not. After all, any beginner probably knows the names of those who have conquered the peak of profitable trading. And it is their success with seeming simplicity of action that brings more and more new "Grail" seekers.
      What can a third-party visitor see when watching a trader working? A person is sitting, looking at the monitor, pressed a button, earned money.
      "I can do it too" - thinks almost everyone who encounters this type of Internet business for the first time. But behind the visible top of the iceberg of activity you cannot see the tension of a professional's mind, fuelled by his vast knowledge multiplied by experience. All the things a professional trader uses to make a profit are not tangible.
      The world is driven by professionalism, and the Forex market with its powerful dynamics only strengthens the perception of this immutable rule. There is no right to make a mistake, which each of us is accustomed to using in normal life, correcting errors from our own actions or deeds almost every day. That's why you should spend a lot of energy and probably finances on really good educational courses on this topic before you start trading directly. It is impossible to become a professional trader with amateur knowledge of the nature of Forex.
      In fact, it is impossible to succeed in any other business without special knowledge. Somehow this well-known postulate is forgotten at the sight of moving quotations on the price charts. Although Forex trading, like any other business, is merciless to those who cannot win.
      Therefore, remembering the words of the eternally living elder about learn, learn and learn again, first of all, you need to protect yourself from possible failures by getting a high-class education.
      The money and time spent on this important stage of development will be repaid a hundredfold. After all, only professional education will be able to move the trader from the crowd of millions of losers to the select few.
      The Forex exchange market is ready to reveal its secrets only to the professional traders, for the others it will always remain as alluring lights of the casino.

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