Contests and bonuses from forex brokers

      Forex trading is very popular because of its high potential profit. But only potential profit!
      There are many dangers associated with foreign exchange trading, and each of them is associated with loss of money. However, all these do not stop newcomers to the currency market from making sometimes risky trades, although a good profit can be made by using forex bonuses from the brokers of the market.
      To receive Forex bonuses without deposit one must be aware of demo-account contests held by different brokerage companies, which pay real money reward. Brokers often organise trading competitions and sometimes offer very lucrative prizes. Forex bonuses in 2015 consisted of luxury cars, tourist trips or a few thousand dollars available for withdrawal, although usually expensive gifts are present in real account contests.
      Nevertheless, it is quite common nowadays for large brokerage companies to develop investment projects for which they need traders who know how to trade. The selection of participants is usually done through competitions, and at each stage traders can have different tasks.
      The second risk-free variant of the profit without the deposit is affiliate programs.
      Brokers offer a commission (a part of the spread) to their partners who refer new clients to them. Sometimes it is 0.7 pips per lot. That means, a company gives to its partner a greater part of spread from trade of the trader involved with partner.
      Partnership reward is accrued daily and can reach several hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month, which afterwards, according to the rules can be withdrawn in any convenient for a client way or deposited to the deposit for the next trade.
      Besides, nowadays most brokers offer one-time remuneration for attracting new clients. The amount of such payments is negotiated when concluding a partnership agreement.
      As for the deposit bonuses there are a lot of them now. For example, a broker pays a percentage of profit as a bonus if a trader trades with a certain lot size during the stipulated period of time.
      Another type of bonus offered by Forex brokers is a free provision of a certain amount of money. Or a free trading account funded by a small amount of bonus. For example, a broker may put $50 free on the trading account of new clients if they complete all the paperwork when registering. This bonus can usually be withdrawn after trading a certain lot size.
      So in order to profit from the forex market, you don't have to sit all day at the trading terminal. You can watch different contests and bonus campaigns of the brokers and gain experience, as well as build up your capital.

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