Bitcoins - the currency of the future

      The BitCoin cryptocurrency has been growing in popularity lately. Its emergence is a consequence of the development of new technologies, because progress does not stand still. Bitcoins represent a new generation of digital currencies, they were developed specifically for Internet payments and work only here. This currency does not have any controlling authority, including it is not controlled by the state.
      Bitcoins operate worldwide and anyone can use this currency. In order to do that, you have to install a special program or use a bitpay web wallet. This way you can connect your computer to the shared system, where you can exchange Bitcoins with other participants.
      Bitcoins have a number of features. The system is anonymous, you don't need to enter and confirm your personal data when registering your wallet. Transfers between members of the system can't be tracked. You will be able to see the transaction itself, but not the participants. All transactions are executed with high speed.
      The technology is decentralized, that is its main advantage. All transfers between participants are made directly and do not require validation by any central authority in the system. Bitcoins are not controlled by the state or by private banks.
      The system has a deflationary development model, meaning it is not subject to inflation. Bitcoins are issued with a limited issuance of no more than twenty-one million coins. The speed and complexity of this process increases over time. As the virtual currency becomes more and more popular, there will soon be a shortage of it. If there is a shortage of currency, the exchange rate will increase.
      You can make payments using a special client software installed on your computer. You can also create an online wallet, unlike this program, it does not take up space on your computer. It is very convenient to use, and you can access the wallet from any device connected to the Internet.

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